Monday, December 9, 2013

My Low Carb Lifestyle and Goals for 2014

A year ago I weighed 13 lbs more than I do today.  My weight loss has slowed down so much that I haven't seen any real losses for a few months and I do know why.

With a big wedding and a lot of business travelling in the past two months, I haven't been able to stay in induction despite my best efforts.  Even though I'm sticking to the rules, I'm not writing down my carbs either.  The good news is that I'm not gaining weight.  I have been very faithful about my commitment to a low carb lifestyle.

But here it is, December of 2013 and I am I still 20 lbs from my goal weight.  I'm turning 50 in 5 months and I'd like to see 10 more lbs gone by then. That's only 2 lbs per month, yet at the age of 49 and my current weight, that's not a small goal.  I've lost weight at a faster pace than that several years ago and ended up losing my bust with a sunken face.

Here are my rules for the next 5 months:

1. Continue to use my keto sticks every day.  I used these earlier this year and made huge progress because I just love seeing the PURPLE.

2. Find a good app for tracking my carbs.  I downloaded a good calculator, but I haven't found a good tracking app yet.

3. Work on my running goal.   My hubby and I are still doing boot camp twice a week (or more), but I'm toying with the idea of running the OKC Memorial half marathon in April.  They have a 5K walk which isn't fun, but the event is very special.  I'm probably going to use the Zen Labs app since I liked their app for C25K.  The biggest challenge is finding a decent place to run outside. Construction has interfered with the trail along the river.  My hubby seems to think that it's open down there enough to tray again.  I hope so.  I can't see myself running 260 laps on the indoor track at the YMCA!

4. Do a better job of packing when I travel.  I don't have any immediate plans to travel, but the next time I do I will be better prepared with low carb snacks.

5. Reward myself for incremental progress.  Every 2 lbs should be celebrated with an item from my pinterest wish list.

Once I get the tracking app and solve my running path problem I'm headed in the right direction.