Friday, June 7, 2013

Atkins Induction - Day Ten Review

I still haven't used my keto strips.  I am nervous.  Maybe I will try them on Saturday.  I am losing weight so I am happy.

It's getting easier to ignore foods that aren't allowed.  I like to think about my body literally chewing on the fat around my middle.  It motivates me and since I have started drinking scotch at night again I need the motivation to stay moderate.

I started the day with boot camp.  It was a pretty tough workout (when is it not?).  It felt good getting out even though I often think I can't afford the time.  Working out is good for your brain.  While I think that is pretty common logic, I like Dr. Amen's specific take on that theory.  I hope to publish a review of his books soon.

What I ate today:

Breakfast -
2 cups of coffee with heavy cream and Torani s.f. hazelnut syrup

We ordered pizza for a lunch meeting at work.  I ate the tops and threw away the crust from 4 slices (2 chicken, 2 black olive and mushroom)

coffee with half and half and 1 pack splenda
24 oz water

The topping of 1 piece of pizza
4 oz chicken breast
sugar free coffee candy
3 oz scotch

This day was very long.  We left the office an hour after everyone else.  Looking at my food log for the day, I'd like to know where the veggies are.  The tiny bit of tomato sauce on the pizza tops accounts for a little A, C, and B6 with some lycopene, but it can't be more than a trace.

Ah well, this was the best I could do for today considering everything I had to do.

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