Saturday, June 1, 2013

Atkins Induction - Day Six Review

Saturday morning means BOOT CAMP!  I crept downstairs to try to make the coffee without waking my son (sleeping on the sofa) or my daughter's boyfriend sleeping in a sleeping bag in the living room.

Last evening's tornado was followed by heavy rain that caused flooding all around the city.  Ethan, my daughter's boyfriend and a lifeguard at the downtown YMCA took shelter with us for the night instead of trying to fight his way back to Midwest City.

My husband and I had to walk to boot camp since we had parked our cars in the downtown parking garage to avoid hail damage.  As we walked the 1/2 mile to the Y, we noticed some tree damage and some minor damage at a hotel construction site.

Four die hard boot campers plus our crazy trainer who hadn't been to sleep because of the storm showed up for a painful workout that included 1/4 mile sprints, dumbell swings, inverted rows, and a farmer carry (the worst!).

What I ate:

2 fried eggs
4 pieces thick sliced bacon
coffee with cream and Torani s.f. hazelnut sweetener

diet soda
slim jim monster stick

Ocean spray diet cranberry (4 oz)
kale chips

My husband took me out to Deep Deuce grill.  Sitting on the patio on such a lovely evening it is hard to avoid a beer!  I ordered the tortilla chicken salad without the tortilla strips.  (The waiter looked at me like I was strange.)
Shredded chicken
3 T Sour cream
3 T guac
Way too much lettuce
3 T Cheese
1 T black olives
1 Modelo Especial beer

At home I finished the evening with my chocolate protein cake for dessert along with 1 ounce of scotch.

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