Monday, June 3, 2013

Atkins Induction - Day Seven Review

I weighed myself this morning and am down a total of 4 lbs since returning home from Hawaii.  I think the fact that I have been drinking alcohol even though I said I wasn't going to might slow down my weight loss.

 I woke up early this Sunday morning to squeeze in 5 hours of work before heading to our ranch.  We have a fun day planned with the kids after we get through the chores.

I love my Kubota tractor. 
There was a ton of mowing to do today.  The garden has weeded and we needed to move concrete blocks from the demolished pump house up near the house to make another raised bed for the garden.  I'm talking about mowing 10 acres, moving 60 concrete blocks, and weeding a huge garden.  Fortunately I had some help with the concrete blocks.

Having just returned from Hawaii where I spent a lot of time in the sun (with SPF45), I figured a little mowing in shorts wouldn't be a big deal.  So I went out with NO SUNSCREEN on my legs.  Two hours later as I finished the mowing, my legs were starting to hurt.  By dinner time they were bright red.  Unfortunately mowing also causes my allergies to flare up.  I took a child's dose of liquid benedryl hoping to calm the effects of the histamines enough to make it through the family dinner.

Alan spent all day cooking baby back ribs on the Big Green Egg.  Maechelle, who is living at the ranch
right now played hostess to our family night and prepped plenty of fresh veggies and some unhealthy instant mashed potatoes for her carb loving sisters.

I have completely broken my promise to myself to cut out the alcohol daily.  I did, however, drink two lower alcohol light beers that evening.  The beers and the benedryl proved to be too much for me and I fell asleep at dinner while the family cooked S'mores at the fire pit.

What I ate today:
Scrambled eggs with sliced baby portabellos (cooked by MJ!)
2 cups of coffee with cream and s.f. hazelnut syrup

2 oz Braunshweiger
3 baby carrots, cheddar cheese 1 oz

Smoked baby back ribs
2 55 select beers

I drank 1 bottle of water today which really wasn't enough considering that I spent most of the day outside.  The temperature reached only 78 degrees.  It was a gorgeous, moderate June day in Oklahoma.

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