Saturday, June 8, 2013

Atkins Induction - Day Eleven Review

Eight pounds lost.

I hope I never find them again.

Of course I am joking.  I don't have to find them if I don't want to.  I have a clear image of the fitness level I want to maintain throughout the rest of my life.  If I continue to love myself enough to tell myself the truth then I won't ever find those pounds again.

Worse than the weight is the spare tire around the middle.  There is not an article of clothing that you can wear which will make a pudgy tummy look good.  That's why I like to think about induction continuing to chomp away at that tummy. Chomp, chomp, chomp.

I didn't work out again today and my legs are itching like mad from the sunburn several days ago.  The kitchen is a mess when I get home from work so I guess that will be my workout.

I'm joking, of course...not about cleaning the kitchen.  That still needed to be done.

What I ate today:

2 cups of coffee with heavy cream and Torani s.f. hazelnut syrup
1 oz sharp cheddar
1 oz OM turkey slices

Lunch- (I had a stressful morning at work, so I took my husband out to BJ's for lunch)
Small BJ's cobb salad  (lettuce, turkey, bacon crumbles, avocado slices, vinegar, a little olive oil)
Amber beer (whoops)

1/2 cup coffee with half and half (2 tb), 1/2 packet splenda
2 sugar free coffee candies
Green tea
The tops off of 2 slices of pizza (1 black olive, 1 oz cheese, tomato sauce, 1 cube of chicken, mushrooms)

4 oz. Turkey burger patty
1 oz Goat cheese
Mushrooms sauteed in olive oil and butter
3 oz scotch
2 (literally) peanut m&ms (just because I was too tired to get up and look for the sugar free candy)

Looking back on it, I'm bothered about why I wanted something sweet after dinner.  I could have done without.  I didn't feel like I NEEDED it.  I just wanted it.

Tomorrow I'm going to use the keto strips.  If I am disappointed then I will drop the scotch again for a few days.

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