Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Atkins Induction - Day Eight Review, Dehydrated and Sunburned

I am sunburned and in pain!  The strange thing about it is that the burn itself doesn't hurt so much, but the muscles in my legs hurt a lot.  The pain feels like a giant toothache right above both knees.  I Googled the symptoms and find that it is apparently common with no real explanation other than possible dehydration.  Looking over my posts and seeing how little water I've recorded, it's not a huge shock that I would be dehydrated.  I'm going to have to get serious about increasing my intake. 

I have plenty of polar water bottles so I don't know what my problem is.  I guess it's just a habit that I haven't developed.

What I ate today:

2 boiled eggs
2 cups of coffee

Lunch/Snack (I didn't pack anything for the office and had too much to do to go out)
1 cup of coffee
handful of pistachios in shell (I know these aren't allowed but my stomach was growling!!)
5 kalamata olives

1- 4oz chopped steak burger
1 T worcestshire sauce
6 slices of cucumber
1 T onion dip
2 cheesecake muffins
2 oz scotch

1- 8oz glass
4 oz diet cranberry juice

Checking my weight before bed, I am down 6 1/2 lbs since my return from Hawaii nine days ago.

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