Thursday, May 30, 2013

Atkins Induction Day Three Review

My third day of being officially in "knowledgeable" (have read Dr. Atkins book) induction.

I stayed at the ranch on Tuesday evening, so my morning started off with more chores than when I stay in town.

2 cups of coffee w/ 3 T cream and 2 splenda total
1 oz beef jerky ( I was supposed to grab something out but just ate the last of the jerky in my desk)

Double beef patties with Jack cheese, mushrooms
Onion rings with the crusts peeled off!  (my hubby wanted to split o.r. so I obliged)
Diet soda
Double beef patty at Pops in Arcadia Oklahoma YUMMM!
Shared onion rings with hubby and just ate the onions.

Chocolate decaf tea
4 radishes
1 oz braunshweiger
1/2 c whey protein ice cream

3 oz turkey burger

2 T cream over ice
1 T s.f. chocolate torani syrup (this was yummy to sip, tasted like ice cream)

I weighed myself at the end of the day and have lost 3 lbs since Sunday.  I know that 2 lbs was water since my legs and feet were swollen from flying back from Hawaii.  There was a lot to drink on that trip and very little of it was water!

Folks on a low calorie and low fat diet would have failed miserably with this menu.  Good thing I don't believe in that.  It is so easy to stay in this plan.  I'm never hungry or thinking about my next meal.


Scott Griffith said...

Our legs were pretty swollen also. I've dropped about 3 lbs. I've been hungry though.

Denise Brinkmeyer said...

I knew that I dropped 2 lbs of water weight immediately. My legs and ankles were very swollen when I got off the plane.