Thursday, May 30, 2013

Atkins Induction Day Four Review

My fourth day of induction and I'm afraid of trying my ketosis strips.  I see the weight coming off, but I don't want to be disappointed.

The day started with boot camp and a super quick get ready.  My oldest daughter is in town staying with us because of the threat of more tornadoes.  We don't have a shelter out at the ranch where she is living for the summer so she's staying with us in our small place in town.  For some crazy reason, this condo has the smallest hot water capacity I have ever experienced.

This morning's activity means that breakfast is less than I had planned.  I had hoped to make a low carb, crustless quiche.  Instead I will have to opt for an ostrich stick.

What I ate this day:

Ostrich stick (2 carbs uggg)
2 cups of coffeee with cream and torani s.f. hazelnut sweetener

My lunch at smash burger
(should have grabbed a "before" picture)
Chicken Smashburger (took bun off)
Side salad with ranch

4 oz Broiled Blue Hake (bought from Schwans)
1 c. Broccoli
Chocolate protein cake

beef stick out of the vending machine
diet pepsi (I know this isn't really allowed)

This was a really long day since I had to take my daughter to swim practice and an open house for the summer program she is attending.  Fortunately my sweet seventeen year old had dinner waiting when I got home at 7:30.

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