Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Workout at Home with FREE VIDEOS

Even though I love my group classes, there are just some times when my schedule won't let me get out.  Winter time is especially difficult with holiday closings and winter weather road conditions.

There is no reason to let a schedule conflict interrupt your exercise routine especially since there are so many tools for working out at home. And the best part, is that some of them don't cost a penny.

There are a lot of videos on YouTube that are absolutely free!

I especially like the step aerobics videos.  Why?  My current home is small and I'm only able to clear about 8' x 6' space (or less) in my bedroom.  Adding a step gives me an opportunity to get my heart rate up higher than some other types of exercises.

You'll need a step, of course.  I bought this inexpensive one (less than $25) on Amazon and absolutely love it.  If you have Amazon Prime, like I do, shipping was free.

You can purchase it here:
Tone Fitness Balance Board Tone Fitness Aerobic Stepper Medium

There are 8 videos listed below to get you started. Some of the videos use hand weights.  If you don't have any you can use water bottles or workout with them.  You'll still get your heart rate up!

Free Step Aerobics Videos on YouTube:

Fun Fitness Basic Step - 20 minutes, this is a good BEGINNER step if you don't know very much about the "step language" or choreography.

Jenny Ford's Step by Step - 51 minutes, level beginner to intermediate

Jenny Ford's Spicy Step - 60 minutes, level beginner to intermediate, latin music

Jenny Ford's Unexpected Step - 60 minutes, level beginner to intermediate

Fit for Duty - 25 minutes, level beginner to intermediate

Fit for Duty Cardio Step Interval - 25 minutes, level beginner to intermediate, you'll get your heart rate up.  This one uses weights.

Video Fitness Coach - 34 minutes, this one is a camera in a group class, but it adds some variety to the list.

Step and Tone Workout - 32 minutes, 80s style leotards, BUT the workout space is contained so it's good for very small spaces.  They use hand weights.

Get your heart rate up and have fun.  Remember, if you think about exercise as your time to play, then it isn't a work out, it's FUN.