Friday, September 7, 2012

My Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Review

This time I did it.  I know that the 30 Day Shred (30DS) has been around for awhile and I've tried it at least 3 times in the past.

This time, I completed it successfully and am so happy I did it.  I am so much stronger than I used to be.  While I can't do push ups like a man (who wants to?) I am proud of how many I can do unmodified.  I feel so strong and can't wait for my workouts because I stuck to the program.

Here's what you should know:

1. In the past I was nursing a shoulder injury that would become inflamed with any attempt to stay with the program.  This time, my shoulder is not like it was when I was 18, but it is much better than a few years ago.  I take joint juice pretty regularly and NEVER EVER mistreat my shoulder by typing at a keyboard too high or (worse) reaching into the back seat for my purse.  If you have a really bad shoulder you're just going to have a tough time with 30DS, period.

2.  You should follow a 10 day plan.  I decided to complete the program as 10 days of level one, 10 days of level two, and 10 days of level three.  I've never done it that way.  I would always get bored or be so sore that I wanted a change.  This time I told myself, "look, you can do ANYTHING 10 times in a row"  That seemed to work.  And then it just built from there.  Once I finished level one I was excited to start level two (yea, the end of the 10 days).  Once I finished level two I was twenty days into my thirty.  I had come to far without skipping to mess up my success now.

3. You don't have to keep the sound on.  On low motivation days I turned on the radio to listen to the afternoon DJ banter and turned Jillian down.  You can only stand so much of her music and "motivation speak"  The afternoon DJs are idiots but they distracted me enough that I could complete a circuit without realizing how long I had been doing it.

4. Remind yourself that it is only 25 minutes.  From start to finish it's 25 minutes.  If you can't give yourself 25 minutes in a day to focus on your health then something is VERY WRONG.  This concentrated workout format is perfect for a busy mom.  It's so short that my inner voice didn't let me say that I was too busy to workout.  I didn't need to go anywhere, just to my room for privacy because I don't like doing that in front of my family.

If you have any tips that you want to add to the list, let me know.  Happy shredding.