Friday, August 10, 2012

Dance Sneakers for Zumba: Easier on My Knees

For my weekly reward (see my previous post about motivation), I ordered the Sansha high step dance sneaker.

I used to be a dancer and am used to wearing dance shoes. I couldn't get comfortable in Zumba class with ordinary tennis shoes, particularly because of twisting moves that were hard on my knees.   A dance sneaker allows you to perform dance steps without sticking to the floor.

After a little research I purchased these shoes below from Amazon. The other reviews went into detail about sizing. I wear a woman's 7 1/2 so I ordered a 9 as suggested.

I love the way this shoe fits.  It is perfect for Zumba.  

Be sure to look at my YouTube playlists for some great FREE Zumba workouts.  There is no excuse not to shake your fanny.

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