Friday, July 20, 2012

Motivation and Reward

So the question that plagues me is:  As a food lover, how can I stay within my calorie requirement while entering into my 50s and working the crazy schedule that I do?  I'm not going to be on a diet my whole life. 

 Because of these past few weeks on MFP I've become keenly aware of the importance of logging exercise and food.  It has been well documented and published that people who log their food lose more weight than people who don't.  But, like I said before, this entire effort can become dull if we feel like we're just living to be on a diet or fitness routine.
Last week I watched Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition and was inspired by  Chris's phase definition and goal setting with the client.  I though, hey, that could really work for me.
Seriously, it took a decade of self neglect to become out of shape and 50 lbs overweight.  My BMI went from 21 to 30 in that decade so how do I expect to set things right in only a year?
So, I thought if I broke the year apart into phases that I may be able to make all of the changes necessary to remain a healthy, busy woman who loves to cook healthy and tasty food accompanied by a great glass of wine. 
Phase One is the most challenging with a goal of 2 lbs per week for 12 weeks.  For my schedule that means trying to get 868 calories burned per  day on average.  Some days I might not be able to do it, but I hope that my weekends will allow me to catch up since I like riding my bike by the river for a couple of hours.
Twelve weeks is a long time at this pace so I'm going to need daily and weekly encouragement.  My daily rewards may be to scrapbook for an hour or walk down to a Redhawks game.  My weekly rewards for achieving my goals will include buying a new audiobook to listen to on the stationary bike.
October 4th is the end of the phase.  I'm going to reward myself with a shopping trip to Chicago or Dallas (whichever my schedule will allow) when it comes time. That means I have to lose 24 lbs to get the trip. Wish me luck!

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