Saturday, June 23, 2012

Chin Up by December 31st 2012

(reposted from my MFP blog)
Ever since I saw Linda Hamilton in Terminator, I've wanted to be a little more cut.  Not big, just really cut and really strong.  I can't think of a better way to fight aging.
 First of all, a strong frame is good in the battle against osteoporosis.  Secondly, the lean muscle mass keeps your metabolism humming like a well oiled machine.
I'm not saying these things to convince anyone or even myself.  I know them to be true.  So why can't I remember the importance of my fitness program when other tasks compete for the time?  That's why I joined  I was using DailyPlate and DailyMile, but the tools weren't not as comprehensive.  Also the MyFitnessPal app is much, much better.  I like logging my workout before I ever leave the gym.
 So, why don't I have Linda Hamilton arms?  Because it is too big of a goal for a woman who has so much on her plate.  Instead, I've decided to start out simply and see if the success of a singular, not so small goal might be the catalyst to an amazing body by the time I'm 50.
 Last Christmas we were having dinner with the kids and walking outside in the temperate 60 degree weather we frequently enjoy in Oklahoma at Christmas time.  We came across a new city park and began laughing and playing on the equipment.  I watched my son and my husband perform one or two pullups on the bars and wished that I could do it.


Since we all had shared our resolutions during lunch, I took the opportunity to commit right there in front of the whole group.  That's it.  That's my resolution...a chinup by the end of the year.

After messing around with my weight and workouts all year, I finally got more focused around the first of June.  After some research and finding a plan for getting to my first chinup (a little like couch to 5K type of program) I am excited and believe I can do this.
I'm copying the information over here so I can see it from my account, but the information is found on another site:
 Phase 1: Modify the standard lat pull-down exercise by standing instead of sitting. Stand facing the weight stack, and grab the handle with your hands about shoulder-width apart or a little wider. Standing in a very slight squat, pull the handle or bar down to your chest. Slowly return the bar to the start position. Aim for two to three sets of eight to 10 reps, two or three times a week. Once you can comfortably handle about 50 to 60 percent of your body weight, try Phase 2: assisted pull-ups. 
This week I'm up to  45% of my weight.  I'm hoping to lower my body weight and increase the weight stack before moving on to phase 2.  I'd like to see 85 lbs on the weight stack and 160 or less on the scale before moving on


Maechelle Shuler said...

You can do it! This motivates me to do it too! Can you believe I've made it this far in the military and have never done a pull up?! We can practice when I come home : )

Denise Brinkmeyer said...

Just saw this comment, Belle. Yes I can believe it, but I can also believe you are tough as nails and will easily do a pull up.