Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Great at 48

So far this year I'm making small strides towards my optimal health.

Yoga - We're 1 week into Rodney Yee's 8 week program.   I'll review the full program when we complete it, but so far I love it.  Taking time to practice yoga was on my list for 2012.  I've tried to get there for 5 years, and now I feel like it will become part of my life.

Xbox Kinect - I miss my dance classes but with the dance program I have for the Kinect, I'm getting every bit as much enjoyment without having to drive to class and practice for recital.  I would like to tap dance again someday, but for now I couldn't be happier.

Paul McKenna
Putting down the fork and knife - Several years ago I watched Paul McKenna on a television special.  He presented sound logical arguments for slowing down while eating.  I eat too fast.  I always have.  The most important thing he said that stuck with me is that Americans think about food more than any other country except for one time, while they are eating it.  I agree.  When I sit down to eat a meal, at first it's like a job that needs to be done, but by the time I'm finishing my meal, my taste buds have been triggered. I'm finally starting to enjoy the taste of something, but there are only 2 bites left.  That's when I overeat.  I want more because I want the experience.

I like the way eating according to the Atkins plan makes me feel because the foods I eat feel like food in my body, not empty calories. However, until I change my habit of eating, I'm convinced I'm going to struggle with my weight.

So here's my plan.  No grand complicated scheme.  Let's just slow it down and taste it all from the very first bite.  Let's stop when I think I might be full.

There are 16 weeks until my birthday.  I wonder what I can accomplish by then.

Here's a link to a summary of Paul McKenna's appearance on Dr. Oz.